San Antonio, Planting a Seed and a Tree

October 7 – Texas Journey in 8 days!

One of the traditions of a Journey of Hope is to plant a tree. In 1993, during the Indiana Journey of Hope, a tree was also planted at Lew Wallace High School, as a symbol of life, healing, and in remembrance of Gary Bible teacher Ruth “Nana” Pelke.

Ruth Pelke died at the hands of four Lew Wallace freshman girls, who robbed her of $10. The incident put a negative stigma on the school. For school officials, the tree planting was a sign of reconciliation. The plaque read “In spirit of love, compassion and forgiveness”.

The design of our new 2010 Brochure and of our various Internet pages (see “Join the Journey!” links on the right-hand side of the page or at the bottom) are inspired by this universal symbolism of life, peace and growth, as the tree reaches down to the ground and up to the sky at the same time. The tree is planted along a road, symbol of our everlasting journey.

In San Antonio, on Wednesday October 27, at 10:00 AM, the traditional tree planting ceremony will take place at St Mary’s, in memory of victims.

Bill Pelke often viewed the Texas Journey of Hope 2010 as an opportunity to plant a seed in Texas, a seed that would later grow for more justice. While in San Antonio, we will plant this seed and a tree too. Join us on this day as we honour those who have been murdered and hope for a better life for all Texans.

Gilles Denizot
Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing board member & Secretary

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