Case Defaulted

October 21 – Texas Journey in Dallas!

If you are passionate about human rights and want to learn, there is one place for you: the SMU Embrey Human Rights Program in Dallas, directed by Dr. Rick Halperin.

On October 21, the Journey was featured in DEATH PENALTY MATTERS Fall 2010 Series. Bud Welch, Curtis McCarty, Marietta Jaeger-Lane, Ron Carlson and Bill Pelke spoke for a packed auditorium. There were students from various faculties, abolitionists and families of loved ones on death row. Wherever we speak in Texas, there are members of the audience who have either have lost someone to murder or who know someone in prison. It is overwhelming. In a state that executes more human beings than any other area of the Western world, it is a fact that violence is spreading and that more victims are created.

Our speakers have compelling stories to share. That evening however, Curtis McCarty‘s intervention definitely moved the audience to tears. We all felt a sense of sympathy and revolt as Curtis described the 22 years he was forced to spend behind bars (including 19 on Oklahoma death row). Sympathy for the pain and suffering that was imposed on him, on his family and on the victim’s family. Revolt to hear about the misconducts, perjuries and intentional alteration of crime evidence committed by forensic analyst Joyce Gilchrist.

The most painful and revolting moment certainly was when Curtis McCarty revealed that because of misconducts, the case had been defaulted and could never be re-opened. Whoever raped, stabbed, and strangled 18-year-old Pamela Kaye Willis in her Oklahoma City home on December 10, 1982, shall never be prosecuted. The victim’s family was lured by the prosecution in thinking that Curtis McCarty was the murderer and that executing him would bring them closure. He was innocent.

There will be no justice for Pamela Kaye Willis.

Gilles Denizot
Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing board member & Secretary

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