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There is no such thing as a lesser person

October 22 – Texas Journey in Dallas! Once again, we met murder victim family members at a First Unitarian Church event tonight. It seems that everywhere we go, there are witnesses of the violence that spreads in Texas. Continue reading

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water (But You Can’t Make It Drink)

October 15 – Texas Journey in Houston! Our Texas Journey of Hope has begun! We are in Houston, Texas, right in the belly of the beast. And the beast did not take long to show its ugly face. Continue reading

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Houston, Death Penalty Capital

October 4 – Texas Journey in 11 days! Very shortly now, our Texas Journey of Hope 2010 shall begin in Houston, the death penalty capital of the Western world. We will also make a highly symbolic visit to the infamous Walls Unit, in Huntsville, where more human beings are legally liquidated than in any other part of the United States. Continue reading

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Step By Step

September 30 – Texas Journey in 15 days! In 1998, there was a Texas Journey of Hope. Emmy Award-winning writer, director and producer of social commentary films Micki Dickoff brought a professional film crew to document the tour. Choosing from over 100 hours of footage, Micki began to weave together a masterful film piece, “Step By Step” A Journey of Hope. The film has never been really shown publicly. Once the Texas Journey of Hope 2010 will be completed, I will begin to raise money to produce the film. It needs to be shown to all around the world. Continue reading

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Not In Our Name!

September 29 – Texas Journey in 16 days! On April 29, 2009, I attended a conference in Hamburg and was fortunate enough to hear and meet Bill Pelke. This event profoundly changed my life. One year later, I was the first non-American to be accepted on the Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing board of directors. Continue reading

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