San Antonio

October 23-27, 2010 (Oct 23 is Travel Day)
Last updated October 26

Roger Barnes (210) 829-2976
Brother Brian Halderman (210) 431-2237

Sunday October 24
Incarnate Word Congregation after mass
Other events tba

Monday October 25
12-2 PM
St. Mary’s University School of Law
12-1:30 PM
St. Mary’s University Theology Class

Tuesday October 26
9:00-11:00 PM
Incarnate Word University • Broadway and Hilderbrand • CarlsonSteinbergWhite
10:30-2:30 PM
Providence High School • Jaeger-LaneKaczynskiMcCartyPelke
3:30-4:10 PM
Student Pax Christi Group • Incarnate Word High School • Hilderbrand • Welch
4:30-5:30 PM
Samuel Clemens High School • Student Peace Club • KaczynskiKlassen-Landis,Steinberg
6:00-7:15 PM
Our Lady of the Lake University • Communications Class • W 24th Street • Ageorges-SkinnerVan SluytmanDenizot
(from 7:00 to 27 Oct 10 AM McAllen, Texas • 2 events • GrahamPerez Meyer)

Wednesday October 27
10:00 AM
Tree Planting St Mary’s • In memory of victims

Please note: Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing reserves the right to change events, participants, venues, dates or times when circumstances require such changes, without notice.

One Response to San Antonio

  1. Ken C Furman says:

    God Bless Rachel Gross for all of the wonderful things she has done with the Death Row Support Project over the past decade +. Her oganization provided me with one of the greatest blessings of my life … delivering to me one of my all time best friends who has greatly enriched my life … Alphonso Cave on Florida’s Death Row. Rachel is an angel on earth to all humanitarians of this country. Thank you Rachel!!! Ken C. Furman

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