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Case Defaulted

October 21 – Texas Journey in Dallas! If you are passionate about human rights and want to learn, there is one place for you: the SMU Embrey Human Rights Program in Dallas, directed by Dr. Rick Halperin. Continue reading

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3 Days in Paris (Against the Death Penalty)

October 10 – Texas Journey in 5 days! Raising awareness against the death penalty must take place on two fronts: where it has been abolished (because – as Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner said on Friday – nothing is permanently achieved) and where it is still in practice. This is why we are going to Texas. Continue reading

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Meet Curtis McCarty

October 5 – Texas Journey in 10 days! What if the person on death row is innocent? I personally oppose the death penalty in all circumstances, whether innocent or guilty. But what if the person is indeed innocent? Continue reading

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It’s A Heart Thing

September 19 – Texas Journey in 26 days! Being on the Journey is a heart thing. You are not on the Journey for recognition or money. You are on the Journey because you are drawn to its message, and the cause is greater than you. Today, we have uplifting news to share! It’s a heart thing for us, and for two longtime friends of the Journey of Hope: Bill Babbitt and Greg Wilhoit Continue reading

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