Meet our team for the Texas Journey of Hope 2010

  1. Murder Victim Family Members: Bill Pelke, Marietta Jaeger-Lane, Bess Klassen-Landis, George White, Bud Welch, Ron Carlson. They will be reliving and telling their personal stories of their murdered loved one, how each came to forgiveness and healing, and why they are opposed to the death penalty.
  2. Exonerated: Shujaa Graham, Curtis McCarty. They really put a face on the issue of the death penalty. They have been falsely accused, they have been on death row, and – luckily – they have not been executed.
  3. Family Members: Terri Steinberg, Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner, David Kaczynski, Bill Babbitt. Their loved ones have been executed, are on death row or are incarcerated.

  1. Gilles Denizot, Board Member & Secretary
  2. Rick Halperin, Board Member & Dallas Organizer
  3. Kathy Harris, Accountant

  1. State Coordinator Ginni Ben-Kane
  2. Houston (October 15-19) Dave Atwood, Nancy Bailey
  3. Dallas (October 20-22) Susybelle Gosslee, Rick Halperin
  4. San Antonio (October 23-27) Roger Barnes, Brother Brian Halderman
  5. Austin (October 27-31) Scott Cobb, Hooman Hedayati, Lily Hughes, Delia Perez-Meyer, Bob Van Steenberg

  1. Arianna Ballotta, Italian Coalition
  2. Karen Brandow, Singer
  3. Angela Grobben, European Activist
  4. Jasmin Jenni, European Activist
  5. Charlie King, Singer
  6. Hilda Koppenburg, European Activist
  7. Michela Mancini, Italian Coalition

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