We have selected twelve distinguished and experienced speakers. They represent the finest team ever assembled for abolition work: victims of crime, exonerees, family members of loved ones on death row, and family members of those executed.

The following is our team for the 2010 Texas Journey:

We are coming with the message of love and compassion for all of humanity and how forgiveness can bring about healing.

Who better than Bill Pelke can tell of the teenage girls who killed his grandmother Ruth (‘Nana’, pictured above) by gaining access to her home on the pretext of taking Bible lessons she taught?

Who better than Marietta Jaeger-Lane can tell of her 7 year old daughter who was kidnapped, raped and murder by a mentally ill man?

Who better than Bess Klassen-Landis can tell of her mother who was killed when Bess and her three sisters were in school?

Who better than Shujaa Graham and Curtis McCarty can tell of being on death row for crimes they did not commit?

Who better than George White can tell of his wife Charlene who was shot and died in his arms, and who was then arrested and falsely convicted of her murder?

Who better than Bud Welch can tell of her daughter Julie who was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing?

Who better than Ron Carlson can tell of her sister Debra Thornton who was killed by Karla Faye Tucker, who was then executed by the State of Texas in 1998?

Who better than Terri Steinberg and Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner can tell of having a son or a husband on death row?

Who better than Bill Babbitt and David Kaczynski can tell of turning their brothers to authorities when they realized they might be guilty of murder?


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